About Us

Shonda McCauley, I’m a spiritually lead women and a native of Texas. I’m a daughter, wife and mother. God gave me the vision for Sistar’s Of Serenity at a very difficult time in my life. A long relationship had come to an end and I felt broken and defeated. One morning driving to work God told me to tell my story. There are so many women just like you. It took me a year of fasting, praying and allowing myself to heal to give it any thought. But God just wouldn’t let me rest, He keep speaking to me and showing the end results.  So I mention my vision to a very special Sistar-friend and prayer partner and she said I really think you should. I also asked a couple of my closest friends and cousins who I knew needed to go through a healing process as well. If this would be good for them and they said yes. As I’m still going through the healing process I learned how to truly love myself. God Keep saying so many will be healed through your journey and I kept saying God I don’t want everybody to know how weak and vulnerable I was.  They always think I’m so strong.  In the mist of still healing God sent me to my Husband and two daugher’s.  Sistar’s of Serenity was born the day before we got married after 8 months of dating.  We both said God saved the Best for last. 

Sistar’s Of Serenity is a safe haven for women to come together and be transparent.  We have dinner and wine before we gather for prayer and great conversation.  We meet once a month and have incorporated one women of the bible every month.    

A conversation with another very special Sistar-Friend about what to give the ladies of Sistar’s Of Serenity for Mother's Day birthed the self-care products business for Sistar’s Of Serenity. Tequila and I are now partners of Sistar’s Of Serenity self-care products candles, bath salt and body scrubs and so much more to come. Sistar’s Of Serenity’s Mantra is Peace, Love, Joy & Balance.

Our products are handmade with Peace, Created with Love and infused with Joy to bring you Balance. Our goal is to heal one woman at a time and help her with her self-care regimen. We are creating a movement and a brand. Self-Love is very important for the everyday women.

Mission Statement 

Our goal is to help empower as many women as we can to find Peace, Love, Joy and Balance within themselves. With the understanding that each person is responsible for their actions and decisions along the way, resulting in the ultimate goal of loving one’s self and trusting God in the process.

Purpose for Sistar’s of Serenity

We wanted to create a self-care regimen that was affordable for the everyday women. The Light of the burning Candle will bring Peace & Love, The Bath Teas & Body Scrub will bring Relaxation, Joy & Balance.