SOS Body Butter

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1. Lavender & Vanilla -Relax in a state of bliss with a scent of floral sweetness. Lavender and Vanilla are two classically popular calming fragrances, that will uplift your senses.

2. Lemongrass - Activates the mind and refreshes the senses. Both calming and energizing as it eases nervous exhaustion.

3. Love - This fragrance is a floral, woody blend of patchouli and vanilla with a heavy musk undertone.

4. Remarkable - Butter and Oils and no fragrance

5. Warm Vanilla Sugar - The classic warm vanilla sugar fragrance is one you’ll treasure day in and day out. Inhaling its nostalgic aroma inspires the incomparable feelings of true comfort, embodying all that is indulgent and delicate in life.